Cosmetics are fundamental for our daily routine and contribute significantly to our quality of life. Each of us uses at least 8 cosmetics daily, from hygiene to hydration and protection, to make-up and fragrance.

Italian market consumption overview – 2018

A study conducted by Cosmetics Europe confirms that cosmetics are indispensable for body care and useful for well-being and presenting a better image of ourselves at every age.

According to the European Community, the primacy of consumption belongs to Germany followed by France, the United Kingdom and Italy. In the sales ranking, products dedicated to skin care are the top sellers, followed by toiletries.
Worldwide, Europe is confirmed as the number one consumer, followed by the United States, China, Japan and Brazil.

WOMEN’S consumption in Italy overview – 2017 (76% of the total)
face 19.5%
body 18.1%
hair and scalp 12.0%
body hygiene 11.3%
alcoholic perfumery 10.9%
face make-up 6.9%
mouth hygiene 6.1%
eye make-up 5.7%
lips 4.8%
hands 3.1%
gift boxes 1.0%
make-up boxes 0.6%
MEN’S consumption in Italy overview – 2017 (24% of the total)
perfumery 16.7%
body 15.9%
mouth hygiene 14.5%
body hygiene 14.0%
hair and scalp 9.1%
professionals 9.1%
face 7.4%
man care 6.9%
e-commerce 4.1%
gift boxes 1.7%
lips 0.6%

The Italian cosmetics industry constantly invests in research and innovation to meet the needs of consumers.

The cosmetics industry in Italy presents an exclusive situation, thanks to productive realities and consultants in contact with the client which both confirm the competitiveness and excellence of Made in Italy.

Made in Italy as a cultural sphere, a laboratory of tastes and trends, availability of refined skills, creative activities, style, fashion, image and design revealed on the product, on the packaging and the marketing of cosmetics.

Italy is recognized worldwide for innovation in formulations and dynamic services, in addition to the constant study of trends.

These are the elements that allow the Italian cosmetics industry to establish itself in both traditional and new markets.


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Marketing, distribution and sales

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