And per se and. Actions that proceed independently to support and complete a project.

Scientific Training

Content research
Materials drafting
Technical coaching
Network development

All the claims and information which define the function of the product need to be rationally supported by quoting the relevant scientific literature as well as truthful and identifiable official sources.
The key strength of valuable contents is the implementation of a critical path method during information collection.
All of this reliable information, carefully selected and processed, is used to strengthen the message you want to convey and to draft the communication contents. Furthermore, it will be useful for the training and to enhance sales.

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Quality assurance

Audit and suppliers validation
Quality procedures improvement
Non-conformities management
Quality certifications

Quality assurance, meant as the reproducibility of the selected characteristics, is fundamental and should never be neglected or poorly managed.
If you incur a non-compliance, i.e. you don’t meet a requirement or a well-defined characteristic, your project could fail and your marketed product may be discredited.
Creating a pool of carefully selected suppliers simplifies work, reduces the risk of non-compliance or inadequacy of the product and guarantees its success.

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Commercial Training

Business strategy
Materials drafting
Technical coaching
Network development

The key to the success of the project is a focused commercial strategy.
It must be carried out with ad hoc planning and with appropriate materials which will be useful for training and enhancing sales.

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Marketing Care

Branding materials
Market analysis and sales planning
Web marketing
Events management

The quality of your product must be supported by suitable materials and marketing activity. Various marketing strategies can be implemented such as web campaigns, sales planning and events, all of which must consider the target and the coordinated image.

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