Do you want to create a new product or enrich your brand?

The following steps are fundamental in order to obtain a successful cosmetic or nutraceutical and grow your business..

Product Development

Budgeting and costing
Project and industrial viability
Aesthetic and functional specifications
Copy, naming and textual content

An accurate evaluation of positioning and market niche in which the product will be distributed is the first step to realize a successful idea.
We ensure support in all the development phases of the idea: definition of the project brief, careful management of each activity and careful selection of suppliers.
It is necessary to define the costs and sustainability of the project and to have qualified partners working with you.
It is essential to define the aesthetic, technical and functional specifications with a technical specification document to be sure that the product will be in line with the target.
It is crucial to consider the legislative and safety aspects for the consumer during development and industrialization.
The technical properties define the success of a product together with careful planning of the marketing aspects. Furthermore, copy and naming must be suitable for the market segment chosen.

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Making Of

Supply management
Start-up production supervision
Manufacturing and storage control
Product features and quality control

Industrialization comes immediately after the definition of the project. It is important to oversee the production start-up with a critical and expert eye to ensure that the product meets the required features.
During this process, any problems that may occur must be promptly detected and solved to avoid wasting time and money.
Only with accurate competence and experience is it possible to secure a product aligned with the quality specifications and the desired characteristics which respects timing and costs.
In this way the sustainability of the project is guaranteed from the initial idea up to the finished product.

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Regulatory Affairs

Stability and compatibility
Artwork check
Safety and dermocompatibility
Product record and notification

Your product must comply with the criteria of stability, compatibility and safety.
Specific tests must be conducted to demonstrate the conformity of the product and its saleability.
The fulfilment of all regulatory aspects is an integral and obligatory step. It is essential to satisfy all the legal requirements based on the type of product to be manufactured. Before the launch the textual contents and claims of all the communication material must be verified, first and foremost the content of packaging.
Documentation requested by the authorities must be correctly processed, updated and stored (PIF, CPNP notification, Ministerial notification, CLV, MSDS, etc.).

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Positioning and marketing strategy
Product launch and advertising
Canvas planning
Panel test

The secret of a product’s success is the combination of correct positioning and a targeted marketing strategy.
Differentiating your idea as compared to what is already available in the market is a mandatory aspect and crucial to avoid the common mistake of copying competitors’ strategies.
In general, all the communication aspects, copy, naming, brochure and expo must be coordinated and aligned with the target to realize commercial strategies.
The elaboration of communication materials and the evaluation of data collection by tools such as panel tests go in parallel with the technical-qualitative development of the product.
To achieve this, it is essential to manage and integrate the various activities by observing three factors: time, resources and costs.

Focus on your target. Establish an effective and specific marketing strategy. Apply it to every single step of your project.
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